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I think you are beautiful and noticed no rings on your finger. George Sand Hi there I'm just shane carmen sex lonely man seeking romance. Seeking for someone nice and reasonably attractive to horney and somedrinks some quality time. Be someone whois familar with the life style. In need of a funattractive girl Im lesbian, and even today continuing to push myself to get stronger.

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Here, I could see my queer fantasies played out on the small screen in the house shnae I grew up in. Imagine it: I was stuck shane carmen sex North Carolina, where people were closeted and my family was religious.

Homophobia was, and still is, rampant. My society revolved around the concept of southern hospitality, but that caren was reserved for straight, shane carmen sex people. As a young person living in that environment, The L Word was groundbreaking.

It depicted biracial and LGBTQ couples and tackled complicated issues like class shame, and mental health. The L Word did a lot of things wrong as.

The world has changed since the show ended inand our understandings of gender and sexuality have evolved. Leaving that aside, Shane carmen sex L Word defined my adolescent sexual awakening. Shane is a wild, free spirit who stays up late, parties frequently, and struggles with monogamy.

Carmen pursues Shane carmen sex after a one-time hookup, and the two play games for a few episodes before Shane finally tells Carmen she loves. Their love affair lasts from seasons two to three, and we watch them argue, mutually cheat on each other, have sex, and eventually get shane carmen sex. After Shane finds her biological father and becomes involved in his life, she catches him cheating on his wife.

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Believing that shane carmen sex ultimately doomed to repeat this same behavior, Shane leaves Carmen heartbroken at the altar because she is unable to commit, and they eventually part ways for good. For years, I free orgy stories desperately sad over how their love affair ended—in addition to feeling jealous of syane equally excellent hair.

A particular scene is still burned into my mind: In "Lost Weekend," an episode in season three, Carmen—who is not open about her sexuality with her family and friends—has just shane carmen sex Shane to her family, who loved.

Shane wears a white tank top and is smoking a cigarette. Reply Parent Thread Link.

Is that the term for it? I've always just said dry humping.

I thought they were vaginal fucking That's how I've had sex with both of my gf's: But basically your bottom "lips" are making out shane carmen sex her bottom "lips". Or the scissor position It's the most delightful position, I will say.

Hahahaha, Jane's latest issue and the commentary Kate makes about her fingers. Oh my She's not using a strap on.

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Maybe you've never had sex with a girl so it looked confusing.