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Romantic love poems husband

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Husbands are a wife's shelter from the storms of life.

They inspire us, they empower us, and they bring out the best in us. We look to them for support, protection, and most of all love.

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We crave their gaze, their words, their touch, their kiss. Looking back on the start of a relationship, and contemplating how time has passed since, the love we feel for our husband evolves and matures.

We begin to take note of the fact that our two lives have become intricately interwoven and we can romantic love poems husband longer imagine living life without the love of our husband. My hubby is in romntic Military and when I was pregnant with our third child he was in North Carolina for a.

He sent me flowers for Valentines Day. I wrote this poem.

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I was all emotional from the pregnancy, he was only husbandd for like 3 weeks but it seemed like forever. I love him so.

Days have gone and nights have past, since the day Hueband seen you. The days are cold the nights are long, but my love for you stays strong. I hold you in my heart, and have you on my mind.

I'll wait for you however long, my love for you is blind. You are poemd lover and my friend, you are my. I shall remain here waiting, even if for eternity.

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Poems for Husbands Husbands are a wife's shelter from the storms of life. I Will Wait Forever. Browse More Topics.

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