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In the last decade, though, nudity on and off Broadway has taken a decided turn for the broadway women nude. An informal examination of Broadway and Off Broadway shows and a survey of longtime theater industry people showed that over the last 15 years, there have been about 25 plays with full frontal nudity.

In broadway women nude count of the nude bodies seen in those shows, 40 or so belonged to men and only about 10 belonged to women. Of course, nudity onstage is no longer anything shocking in and of.

In the s and '70s, American theater saw a surge of equal-opportunity stripping. But broadway women nude the mid-'90s, off the momentum of the gay revolution, theaters began to produce plays that took a full-frontal view of gay sexuality.

best legal sex drug Terrence McNally's play "Love! Of course, sensationalism and sales can never be far from the broadway women nude of public nudity. Jason Butler Harner, an actor who has appeared nude onstage five times, most recently in Jon Robin Baitz's "Paris Letter," said, "There is no question that nudity has been used to try to artistically justify broadway women nude false moment, or to cover up mediocre playwriting or, more commonly, to sensationalize a play to get people in the seats.

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Nicola, by contrast, argues that there is no such thing as gratuitous nudity. Sometimes nudity can communicate more than words.

Speaking of a scene in "Wit," Margaret Edson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, in which a woman dying of cancer reveals her gaunt body, the producer Daryl Roth said, broadway women nude nudity at that moment was so essential to the storytelling and the revelation of character. In that one gesture of her pulling off her gown and her hospital bracelet, we broadway women nude her nudity and we understood her freedom, and it said more than the script could have said in 10 pages.

But sometimes it's a case of too much information. And who gets naked broadway women nude as much an issue as why. I have been taken out of plays when it's a period piece and someone has this hroadway toned body. Do all these nude bodies fill theaters?

As Frears said, "It depends who's naked. I guess Nicole Kidman sells tickets. Richard Kornberg said that when he was a publicist for Joseph Papp at the Public Theater in the late broadway women nude, he was unsure how to promote a Portuguese production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream.

But for group sales, which cater primarily to students and the elderly, nudity is the kiss of death. Carl Prince, vice president of Broadway.

With male nudity now so common, it is becoming increasingly difficult to shock an audience. That's why Lisa Kron, broadway women nude playwright and actress, says she thinks the next nude frontier will be "older women, heavy women.

A mude of the theater company the Five Lesbian Brothers, Kron broadway women nude currently appearing in "Oedipus at Palm Springs," a comic take on the Greek tragedy that opened to strong reviews last week at the New York Theatre Workshop.

The five members of the group, who are, in fact, five middle-aged lesbians, appear in the production.

Naked, of course. Arts Stripping down men on Broadway.