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Try being a black girl on top of. Sure, mainstream culture has its ways of portraying nerd-dom as trendy and black nerdy girls hello, The Big Bang Theorybut this treatment is generally reserved for men … most often white men.

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Is there something wrong with me? Ashlee Blackwell has created Graveyard Shift Sistersa growing community for black women who are into horror. The lack of diversity black nerdy girls the fandoms, as well as the lack of knowledge of black characters, is a much-discussed problem.

According black nerdy girls Broadnax, merchandise that fans buy from very popular mainstream nerd sites boack include representations of characters of color, particularly female characters.

This prompted her to start regularly spotlighting black female characters from comic books.

When she focused on the first black female superhero, Butterfly, the reactions to the post amazed. However, even when the diversity issue is black nerdy girls to the attention of content producers, Broadnax said, they sometimes still refuse to address or acknowledge it. Gjrls managing negative respones like these, she also focuses her attention on spreading black nerdy girls word about things like the fact that black women have been present in classic horror films from the very beginning.

Black nerdy girls

They proudly celebrate their immensely supportive and girla reader bases. Nor are they naive about the situation they face in the space as black women.

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A prime example was black nerdy girls recent announcement that Sam Wilson aka the Falconwho is black, will be the new Captain America. There are plenty of women out there like you, who are willing to support you. The A.

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